What does admit mean?

admit meaning in General Dictionary

To suffer to enter to grant entrance whether into someplace or to the mind or consideration for to take while they had been into his residence to acknowledge a critical thought into the brain to acknowledge research in the trial of an underlying cause

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  • afford chance
  • give access or entrance to
  • have actually room for; hold without crowding
  • allow to enter; grant entry to
  • serve as a way of entrance
  • allow participation in or even the straight to participate; license to work out the legal rights, functions, and duties of
  • acknowledge into an organization or neighborhood
  • declare to be true or admit the existence or truth or truth of
  • To endure to enter; to give entrance, whether into a place, or in to the brain, or consideration; for; to just take; since, they were into his house; to acknowledge a significant idea to the mind; to admit research into the test of a cause.
  • to offer a right of entry; as, a ticket admits one into a playhouse.
  • allowing (one) to enter on an office or even enjoy a privilege; to identify as competent for a team; since, to acknowledge an lawyer to apply legislation; the prisoner had been accepted to bail.
  • To concede as true; to acknowledge or assent to, as an allegation which it's impossible to deny; to own or confess; as, the argument or simple truth is accepted; he admitted their guilt.
  • becoming effective at; allowing; because, what try not to acknowledge these types of a construction. In this good sense, of works extremely well after the verb, or might omitted.

admit meaning in Urban Dictionary

to provide in to some one about some thing you'd like to they didnt know.Such as admitting which you cheat, lie, smoke, are homosexual .. etc.

admit meaning in Legal Dictionary

v. 1) to convey one thing is true in answering a complaint filed in case. The defendant will acknowledge or deny each allegation in his or her answer filed using court. If they agrees and states that he/she did what he/she is accused of, then the allegation do not need to be shown in trial. 2) in criminal legislation, to agree a well known fact is true or confess shame. 3) to permit as research in an endeavor, as judge says: "display D, the page, is accepted."

admit meaning in Law Dictionary

to permit, receive, or take; to experience someone to enter; to provide possession; to license. Gregory v. US, 17 Blatchf. 325, 10 Fed. Cas. 1195. See ADMISSION.

admit meaning in Etymology Dictionary

belated 14c., "let in," from Latin admittere "to permit to enter, let in, let come, offer access," from ad- "to" (see ad-) + mittere "let go, send" (identify objective). Sense of "to concede as valid or real" is first taped very early 15c. Related: Admitted; Admitting.

admit meaning in General Dictionary

(v. t.) To endure to enter; to give entry, whether into a place, or into the mind, or consideration; for; to simply take; because, they certainly were into their house; to admit a serious thought to the head; to admit proof in trial of a reason.

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  • (v. t.) To give the right of entry; because, a ticket admits one into a playhouse.
  • (v. t.) To allow (one) to enter on an office or even enjoy a privilege; to identify as qualified for a franchise; because, to acknowledge a lawyer to practice legislation; the prisoner was admitted to bail.
  • (v. t.) To concede as real; to acknowledge or assent to, as an allegation which it really is impossible to deny; your can purchase or confess; since, the debate or fact is admitted; he admitted his guilt.
  • (v. t.) Become effective at; to allow; since, the text don't admit such a construction. Inside feeling, of may be used after the verb, or are omitted.

Sentence Examples with the word admit

Indefinable ideas, with primary principles of another kind - axioms, and postulates that neither need nor admit of proof.

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