What does admissible evidence mean?

admissible evidence meaning in Legal Dictionary

n. evidence that your trial judge locates is advantageous in assisting the trier of fact (a jury if there is a jury, otherwise the judge), and which can't be objected to on the basis it is unimportant, immaterial, or violates the rules against hearsay alongside objections. Sometimes the evidence which you attempts to present has little relevant value (usually known as probative price) in identifying some reality, or prejudice from jury's shock at gory details may outweigh that probative worth. In criminal cases the process of law are far more restrictive on permitting the jury hear such details for anxiety they will cause "undue prejudice." Hence, the jury might only hear a sanitized form of the important points in prosecutions concerning assault.

admissible evidence meaning in Law Dictionary

any proof that's permitted to be introduced throughout the trial.