What does adminosphere mean?

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noun1. The mass or envelope of complex guidelines, processes, and individual connections surrounding an institution (especially the main one surrounding a school, college) that will be retained because of the crowd which handle or direct the institution.2. The atmosphere or climate in a particular workplace, especially in regard to the management or administration, making work with development tough considering insufficient quality, decisiveness, communication, action, or good sense.3. Abbr. adm Administrative Science a unit of pressure experienced face to face add up to the pressure of that work at an ideal organization. It equals the amount of force that may help a spinal column in an office seat at 20 levels Celsius under standard gravity for eight hours every single day for five consecutive days. See dining table at measurement.4. A dominant intellectual or emotional environment or mindset among administrators.5. An aesthetic high quality or result, specifically a distinctive and displeasing one, related to a particular spot.Middle English administren, from Old French administrer, from Latin administr re : ad, ad- + ministr re, to control (from minister, ministr-, servant. See minister).New Latin atmosphaera : Greek atmos, vapor; see damp in Indo-European Roots + Latin sphaera, world; see world.