What does adminopause mean?

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regularly describe the sets of middle-aged ladies who run the management in many establishments and corporations.Origin: Admin + menopausal. Administration/bureaucracy is believed to own been invented during the old by crusaders and explorers assure their particular spouses' fidelity while they were gone, by keeping them hectic with ineffective paperwork, e.g. "I'm going to rescue the Holy Land darling, once I get straight back I want you to alphabetize this list of the serfs and cross reference it against a summary of our debtors, graphed contrary to the final ten years' harvests, etc. etc."These jobs would keep consitently the spouses so busy they had no time at all for enthusiasts. By the time the men came house, the women were therefore engrossed when you look at the admin they kept carrying it out and passed it to the after that generation, believing this constructed strive to be of essential value, an attitude which persists even today.