What does administrator mean?

administrator meaning in General Dictionary

person who administers matters one who directs manages executes or dispenses whether in civil judicial governmental or ecclesiastical matters a manager

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  • someone who administers a business
  • the celebration appointed by a probate courtroom to circulate the property of someone just who dies without a might or without naming an executor
  • somebody who manages a government company or division
  • a person who administers affairs; a person who directs, manages, executes, or dispenses, whether in municipal, judicial, governmental, or ecclesiastical matters; a manager.
  • a guy which manages or settles the property of an intestate, or of a testator if you have no skilled executor; anyone to whom the proper of management was committed by competent authority.

administrator meaning in Legal Dictionary

n. the individual appointed by the court to address the estate of someone whom died without a will, with a will but no nominated executor, or even the executor known as within the might has died, happens to be taken off the outcome or cannot need to provide. When there is a will but no available executor, the administrator is called an "administrator with will annexed." The task is that if an estate needs to be probated (filed and approved by a court) then someone (usually a member of family or friend) petitions the courtroom inside appropriate county (usually in which the late-lamented final lived) for appointment of a person as administrator. If an estate requires interest and no one has come forward to administer the estate, then county Public Administrator can perform therefore. In most cases condition legislation requires the administrator post a bond purchased by the judge to safeguard the estate from mishandling or malfeasance. If the might includes real home an additional condition then the administrator or executor must get a hold of somebody into the various other condition to take care of the alteration of title and paying of local fees, and therefore individual is named an "ancillary administrator."

administrator meaning in Finance Dictionary

someone legally appointed by a court to be in the affairs of a deceased person who didn't make a will. An administrator can be appointed where the deceased person made a will but did not identify an executor or perhaps the executor predeceased or does not act for many other reason.

administrator meaning in Law Dictionary

In the many typical sense of the word, is you to whom letters of administration, which, an expert to manage the property of a deceased per- child, have-been given by the appropriate court He resembles an executor, but, becoming appointed because of the judge, rather than by the deceased, he's to give safety for due management associated with the estate, by getting into a bond with sureties, called the management relationship. Smith v. Gentry, 16 Ga. 31; Collamore v. Wilder, 19 Kan. 78. By the legislation of Scotland the father is what is known as the "administrator-in-law" for his young ones. Therefore, he is ipso jure their particular tutor as they tend to be students, and their curator throughout their minority. The daddy's energy runs over whatever property may descend to his kids, unless where that property has been put because of the donor or grantor in fee of special trustees or supervisors. This power in parent stops because of the child's discontinuing to call home with him, unless he consistently stay during the father's expense; in accordance with regard to daughters, it ceases to their relationship, the husband being the appropriate curator of his spouse. Bell. A public administrator is an officer authorized by the statute legislation of several of the says to superintend the settlement of estates of persons dying without family members eligible to administer. Into the civil-law. A manager or conductor of affairs, particularly the affairs of some other, in his name or account. A manager of public affairs in part of other people. Calvin. A public oflicer, ruler, or governor. Nov. 95, gl.; Cod. 12, 8.

administrator meaning in Etymology Dictionary

mid-15c., from Middle French administrateur or straight from Latin administrator "a manager, conductor," agent noun from previous participle stem of administrare (see administer). Estate good sense is earliest. For ending, see -er.

administrator meaning in Business Dictionary

1. Individual appointed by a judge to end up (by distributing to all the claimants) the estate of a deceased individual in instances where (1) there's absolutely no will, (2) no executor is termed into the will, or (3) the called executor is unable or unwilling to act. 2. Specific appointed by a court to control or find yourself the matters of an insolvent firm. The feminine form is administratrix. See in addition administration purchase.

administrator meaning in Insurance Dictionary

someone or organization appointed as fiduciary in the settlement of an estate.

administrator - German to English

administrator [coll.] [adminstrator]

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  • operator

administrator meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) Person who administers affairs; one who directs, manages, executes, or dispenses, whether in municipal, judicial, governmental, or ecclesiastical affairs; a manager.

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  • (letter.) A man just who handles or settles the estate of an intestate, or of a testator if you have no skilled executor; one to whom the right of management has been committed by competent authority.

Sentence Examples with the word administrator

In 1814 he was appointed administrator of the Orange principalities; and, when the prince of Orange became king of the Netherlands, Baron Gagern became his prime minister.

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