What does administrative order mean?

administrative order meaning in Law Dictionary

n purchase released to a party to correct an incorrect done or even to stop a present harmful activity.

administrative order meaning in Business Dictionary

Enforceable purchase granted by a public authority (beneath the abilities conferred to it by one or more statutes) to a person or a business to simply take certain corrective action, or to refrain from an action.

administrative order meaning in Insurance Dictionary

A legal document released by an administrative agency for instance the ecological Cover Agency (EPA) directing an individual, company, or any other entity to just take corrective activity or refrain from a task. It defines the violations and actions to be taken and will be enforced in judge. Such purchases might issued, including, as a result of an administrative grievance wherein the respondent is purchased to cover a punishment for violations of a statute.

Sentence Examples with the word administrative order

In it he suggested that the following reforms should be carried out, some by administrative order and some by future legislation: (1) time for the payment of fines inflicted for minor offences; (2) disciplinary treatment outside prison for all offenders under 21 years of age; (3) punishment of those guilty of offences not involving moral turpitude to be relieved of all degrading features; (4) the reduction of the period of solitary confinement to a maximum of one month; (5) and the abolition of the ticket-of-leave system.

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