What does adjuster mean?

adjuster meaning in General Dictionary

person who or whatever adjusts

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  • a person who investigates insurance coverage claims or statements for problems and recommends an effective settlement
  • one that, or that which, adjusts.

adjuster meaning in Legal Dictionary

n. an employee (usually a non-lawyer) of an insurance coverage company or an adjustment company employed by an insurance coverage organization to negotiate an early on settlement of a claim for damages against an individual, a small business or public human body (like a city). While a good and responsible adjuster can serve an actual function in getting information and evaluating the situation for the insurance company, some adjusters try to make a settlement before the hurt person has retained a lawyer ("don't stress, we are going to spend your expenses. You do not need a legal professional. He will only confuse things."), get a statement through the injured without counsel, or postpone the payout with the guarantee he/she will negotiate any reasonable need, and making an offer of payment that's absurdly reduced. Some insurers make an effort to result in the lawyer deal with the adjuster, which will be less expensive than sending the scenario to defense attorneys. Adjusters in addition represent the business in approving settlements.

adjuster meaning in Law Dictionary

referred to as an adjustor, a member of staff of an insurance company just who examines a specific claim to look for the expense into firm.

adjuster meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1670s, agent noun in English kind from adjust. Insurance good sense is from 1830.

adjuster meaning in Business Dictionary

Individual or firm hired by an insurance coverage company to find out its obligation for loss in a specific claim. Additionally spelled as adjustor.

adjuster meaning in Insurance Dictionary

a person who settles insurance claims. This usually requires examination of the loss and a dedication regarding the extent of protection. Inside context of first-party (e.g., home) insurance coverage, the adjuster negotiates a settlement using the insured. In responsibility insurance, the adjuster coordinates the insured's defense and participates in settlement negotiations. Adjusters can be employees associated with insurer (staff adjusters) or of separate adjusting bureaus (independent adjusters) that represent insurers and self-insureds on a contract foundation. Public adjusters are consultants who focus on helping insureds in showing claims to insurance coverage companies in a fashion that will maximize their particular data recovery. See in addition Independent adjuster.

adjuster meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) One that, or that which, adjusts.