What does adjusted mean?

adjusted meaning in General Dictionary

accommodated to particular needs

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  • having attained a comfortable relation with your environment
  • (especially of clothes) obtaining the fit or style modified
  • modified to accommodate to particular needs or bring into an effective relation
  • modified to demands of everyday living; showing psychological security
  • of change

adjusted meaning in General Dictionary

(imp. & p. p.) of Adjust

Sentence Examples with the word adjusted

It contains diverse interests and changing standpoints by which it is possible to explain the presence of purely southern tradition, the southern treatment of national history, and the antipathy to northern claims. As has already been mentioned, the specifically southern writings have everywhere been modified or adjusted to other standpoints, or have been almost entirely subordinated, and it is noteworthy, therefore, that in narratives elsewhere which reflect rivalries and conflicts among the priestly families, there is sometimes an animus against those whose names and traditions point to a southern origin (see Levites).

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