What does adjust mean?

adjust meaning in General Dictionary

to create exact to suit to help make correspondent or conformable to carry into proper relations as to adjust a garment towards the human body or items to a regular

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  • determine how much will be paid on an insurance coverage claim
  • place in a line or arrange so as to be parallel or straight
  • make correspondent or conformable
  • change or regulate so as to attain precision or adapt to a typical
  • adjust or conform oneself to brand new or various circumstances
  • To make specific; to match; to create correspondent or conformable; to bring into correct relations; because, to modify an apparel to the human body, or what to a standard.
  • to set up order; to regulate, or decrease to system.
  • to stay or provide a reasonable condition, to ensure that events tend to be agreed in the outcome; because, to modify accounts; the differences are adjusted.
  • to carry to a real relative place, as areas of an instrument; to modify for usage; since, to regulate a telescope or microscope.

adjust meaning in Urban Dictionary

What most guys you will need to accomplish along with their lower appendages...and no, not the legs.

adjust meaning in Law Dictionary

to carry to appropriate relations; to be in; to determine and apportion an amount due. Flaherty v. Insurance Co., 20 App. Div. 275, 40 N. Y. Supp. 934; Miller v. Insurance Co., 113 Iowa, 211, 84 N. W. 1049; Washington County v. St Louis, etc., It. Co., 58 Mo. 370.

adjust meaning in Etymology Dictionary

belated 14c., ajusten, "to improve, solution;" reborrowed by c.1600 in good sense "arrange, settle, compose," from Middle French adjuster, Old French ajouter "to participate" (12c.), from later Latin adiuxtare "to create near," from Latin ad- "to" (see ad-) + iuxta "next," linked to iungere "to become listed on" (see jugular). Affected by people etymology derivation from Latin iustus "only, equitable, reasonable." Indicating "to arrange (anything) in order to conform with (a typical or any other thing)" is from 1660s. Insurance good sense is from 1755. Indicating "for familiar with" very first recorded 1924. Relevant: modified; modifying.

adjust meaning in Business Dictionary

to alter; alter; adjust. "he'd to regulate the format of their term report so that it implemented the rules set by their teacher." "She ended up being familiar with dealing with hot temperatures, so she needed to adjust to the snow and cold when she relocated to the Northeast."

adjust meaning in General Dictionary

(v. t.) To create specific; to match; to create correspondent or conformable; to create into proper relations; as, to adjust a garment into human anatomy, or things to a typical.

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  • (v. t.) To put in purchase; to regulate, or decrease to system.
  • (v. t.) To stay or provide a reasonable condition, in order that events are agreed in result; since, to regulate records; the differences tend to be adjusted.
  • (v. t.) To bring to a real general place, as areas of a musical instrument; to regulate for usage; because, to modify a telescope or microscope.

Sentence Examples with the word adjust

The slider upon the rule serves to adjust the scale for different temperatures, and then indicates the strength of the spirit in percentages over or under proof.

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