What does adiabatic mean?

adiabatic meaning in General Dictionary

Not giving out or receiving heat

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  • occurring without loss or gain of heat
  • perhaps not giving out or obtaining heat.

adiabatic meaning in Urban Dictionary

happening without loss or gain of heat.

adiabatic meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1838, from Greek adiabatos "never to be passed through," from a- "not" + dia "through" (see dia-) + batos "passable," from bainein "to go" (see come).

adiabatic meaning in Sports Dictionary

Change in heat of quite a few environment brought on by changes in pressure without any gain or reduced heat from its environment. (recreation: Hang gliding)

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  • A change in temperature of a mass of air caused by alterations in stress without any gain or loss of heat from the environment. (sport: Weather Forecast)

adiabatic meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) Perhaps not giving out or getting heat.

Sentence Examples with the word adiabatic

The intrinsic energy, E, is similarly represented by the area DZ'Vd under the adiabatic to the right of the isometric Dd.

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