What does adhesive mean?

adhesive meaning in General Dictionary

Sticky tenacious as glutinous substances

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  • tending to stick
  • a substance that unites or bonds areas collectively
  • Sticky; tenacious, as glutinous substances.
  • Apt or tending to adhere; clinging.

adhesive meaning in Urban Dictionary

adj.1.Tending to adhere; sticky.2.Gummed to be able to stick.3.Tending to persist; difficult if you don't impractical to shake off: “He feels an adhesive dread, a sudden friend using the . . . deeper side of humanity” (George F. Will).n.1.A compound, such as for example paste or concrete, that delivers or encourages adhesion.

adhesive meaning in Law Dictionary

artificial bonding broker to add two areas. One that's made from animal or plant substances is 'glue.'

adhesive meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1660s, from French adh

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  • 1881, from adhesive (adj.). Initially of postage stamps (adhesive stamp is attested from 1840). Of substances that can cause to adhere by 1900.

adhesive meaning in Business Dictionary

Synthetic element that bonds two surfaces. Animal or plant derived connecting mixture is known as a 'glue.'

adhesive meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) Sticky; tenacious, as glutinous substances.

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  • (a.) Apt or looking after adhere; clinging.

Sentence Examples with the word adhesive

Under side of the uplifted genital or first opisthosomatic somite of the female; g, genital aperture; p, pitted plate, probably a gland for the secretion of adhesive material for the eggs; 1, the edges of the lamellae of the lung-books of the first pair.

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