What does adequate remedy mean?

adequate remedy meaning in Legal Dictionary

n. an answer (money or performance) awarded by a court or through private activity (including compromise) which affords "total" pleasure, and is "practical, efficient and proper" inside circumstances. Simply this is based on just what relief (like an order granting one an easement over a neighbor's home or an order keeping the drunken spouse from the complaining partner) an event is looking for. A court is a little self-congratulatory and subjectively judgmental when it announces that cure given is "adequate" with regards to did best it may within the circumstances. Example: a "stay away" order informing an abusive spouse to help keep his distance from his partner however placing him in prison. Your order is only a piece of report until he violates it, giving cause of their arrest.

adequate remedy meaning in Law Dictionary

One vested within the complainant, to which lie may at all times resort at his very own alternative. fully and easily, without allow or hindrance. Wheeler v. Bedford, 54 Conn. 244, 7 Atl. 22. A remedy that will be ordinary and complete and also as useful and efficient toward ends of justice and its particular prompt administration due to the fact remedy in equity. Keplinger v. Woolsey, 4 Neb. (Un- of.) 282, 93 N. W. 1008.