What does adept mean?

adept meaning in General Dictionary

well-skilled completely versed thoroughly proficient

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  • One totally skilled or trained in any such thing a proficient as adepts in viewpoint
  • having or showing understanding and ability and aptitude
  • someone who is dazzlingly competent in just about any industry
  • One totally competent or well versed in such a thing; a proficient; because, adepts in philosophy.
  • Well skilled; entirely versed; thoroughly adept.

adept meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1690s, "completely competent" from Latin adeptus "having achieved, accomplished," past participle of adipisci "to create, reach," figuratively "to obtain to, get," from ad- "to" (see ad-) + apisci "grasp, achieve," pertaining to aptus "fitted" (see apt). Associated: Adeptly.

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  • "an expert," specifically "one who's skilled into the secrets of anything," 1660s, from Latin adeptus (see adept (adj.)). The Latin adjective was utilized as a noun inside feeling in Medieval Latin among alchemists.

adept - German to English


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  • pupil [particularly of anything secret or unique] [also hum.]

adept meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) One totally competent or trained in any such thing; a proficient; since, adepts in philosophy.

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  • (a.) Well skilled; completely versed; thoroughly proficient.

Sentence Examples with the word adept

As a boy, he showed an extraordinary quickness of apprehension, and, choosing a learned life instead of the knightly career natural to a youth of his birth, early became an adept in the art of dialectic, under which name philosophy, meaning at that time chiefly the logic of Aristotle transmitted through Latin channels, was the great subject of liberal study in the episcopal schools.

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