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aden man who's a god.normally familiar with describe some body of good importance and is adored by all. Is very good between the sheets. no guy will ever size as much as him. An excellent guy that everyone loves and has now women running after him. He gets as with all courses and it is really modest. Adens also typically own a Lamborghini. He is essentially the RL Chuck Norris. the perfect person you are going to ever before satisfy. extremely sweet and thoughtful and kind, and extremely humble, although he is a god and everybody informs him that he is. he is hardworking in which he deserves top in everything he does. very good looking and tall, and provides good hugs. any girl would like to get married him however you can not assist but be delighted for him and his gf even if you're maybe not her. Verb. To inquire of anyone to fill an undesireable breach for a tiny time period but leave them trapped securely in that breach without chance of escape for a lot longer period.