What does additive mean?

additive meaning in General Dictionary

right is added positive opposed to subtractive

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  • characterized or from inclusion
  • designating or involving an equation whose terms tend to be for the first-degree
  • some thing added to enhance food or fuel or paint or medicine
  • Proper become included; good; -- opposed to subtractive.

additive meaning in Law Dictionary

n agent that works with another to add to a result.

additive meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1690s, "tending to be added," from Latin additivus "added, annexed," from past participle stem of addere (see addition).

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  • "something that is included" to a chemical answer or meals item, 1945, from additive (adj.).

additive meaning in Business Dictionary

Agent or component that, whenever along with other representatives and factors, adds to their particular collective impact or energy usually by a known level or level. A food additive, for instance, is added to improve the taste, increase the appearance, extend the shelf life, or strengthen the vitamins and minerals of a food.

additive meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) Proper is added; positive; -- against subtractive.

Sentence Examples with the word additive

Chem.), after an exhaustive review of the material at hand, concluded that simple additive relations did exist but with considerable deviations, which he ascribed to differences in structure.

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