What does additional mean?

additional meaning in General Dictionary

Something included

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  • included extra when it comes to an addition
  • further or included
  • Added; extra; in the form of an addition.
  • One thing included.

additional meaning in Urban Dictionary

things in your life like medications, hookers, imported jewelry, etc. are NEW. Unlike your task and all sorts of your other 'socially acceptable' assets. Bohemian language.

additional meaning in Law Dictionary

This term embraces the idea of joining or uniting one thing to another, so as therefore to make one aggregate. Hence, “additional safety” imports a security, which, united with or joined up with to the previous one, is regarded as to make it, as an aggregate, enough as a security right from the start. State v. Hull, 53 Skip. 620.

additional meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1640s, from inclusion + -al (1). Related: Furthermore.

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additional meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) Added; extra; in the way of an addition.

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  • (letter.) some thing included.

Sentence Examples with the word additional

Whether effected entirely by action on the nerve terminals, or by an additional influence upon the vaso-motor centre in the medulla oblongata, atropine certainly causes extreme dilatation of the blood-vessels, so much so that the skin becomes flushed and there may appear, after large doses, an erythematous rash, which must be carefully distinguished, in cases of supposed belladonna poisoning, from that of scarlet fever: more especially as the temperature may be elevated and the pulse is very rapid in both conditions.

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