What does addit mean?

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1) Addit is a random term used if you have nil to say but feel like saying anything. 2) additionally it is one thing to express when you feel tired or you broke one thing. 3) Addit stands for "i've had it". "I addit" shows you have got reached the end of your string.

Sentence Examples with the word addit

The vowels in the words, A, E, I, 0, show the quantity and quality of the premises Barbara Celarent Darii Ferioque prioris; Cesare Camestres Festino Baroco secundi; Tertia Darapti Disamis Datisi Felapton Bocardo Ferison habet: quarta insuper addit Bramantip Camenes Dimaris Fesapo Fresison.

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