What does addictive mean?

addictive meaning in Urban Dictionary

Adj./Noun The mixture of varied types of songs generate a mental circulation with constant attraction toward spirit.Random combinations of rap rhythms paired with jazz, blues, gospel, trance, techno, stone, r&b to create an innovative new sound that keeps audience drawn to the beat.Addictive isn't only the beat(Music) but could additionally be the movement of lyrics driven by a specific sound in the music.

addictive meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1815, a word in chemistry and medicine; 1939 into the narcotics good sense, from addict (v.) + -ive. Relevant: Addictively; addictiveness.

addictive meaning in General Dictionary

causing or characterized by addiction

Sentence Examples with the word addictive

His mouth was hot, his flavor as addictive as his blood.

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