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A misspelling of adderall. Originally a generic version of amazingly Meth. A kind of rate, adderol is used to boost brain purpose to think quicker as well as regularly concentrate. Adderol has many characterisitcs related to cocaine and crystal meth. Generally this medicine is available in product kind but into hardcore celebration people its better whenever crushed and snorted so that it goes into the bloodstream a lot faster and therefore it hits a whole lot more powerful. I actually do not endorse anybody doing adderol in particular amounts because it increases your heartbeat really quickly plus some isntances have provided individuals with heart conditions heart attacks. Losing rest in addition to loss of appetite is almost certainly a side effectation of this medication. Rest to your doctor....tell him u have actually a.d.d.....get your rents going alongside it(unless your over 18)......get recommended to adderol.....party forever long...the end kind of speed good to take from your own friends with a.d.d. : )