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drugs if you have ADD (attention deficite condition) or ADHD (Attention defecite hyperactive disorder)It makes the individual calmer and promotes their brain so that they are able to consider and consume information. This medication is abused quite often by college kids or young ones taking the SAT's since it means they are focus on their tests and not feel distracted or pressured. Additionally this drug is abused by people dieting as it triggers decreased desire for food and allows you to not want to eat. This drug may be bad if overdosed and really should never be taken by peple without ADD/ADHD. We which abuse this drug swipe it off a buddy or sibling who has ADD/ADHD because you must have a prescription to have it from a shop. The side outcomes of this drug feature long-time brain damage if overdosed and not enough desire for food and appetite. Adderal comes in tiny orange pills or hollow tablets with dust in, they're usually taken orally. The same capsule to this is concerta I medicine accustomed treat individuals with {ADHD}. It helps them control their hyperness, but If taken by a person (usually 2-10 pills) it will speed you up instead of making you calm. Its like a {coke} buzz however when u come-down ur perhaps not tired. May be snorted,ingested,or blended in a drink.