What does addendum mean?

addendum meaning in General Dictionary

anything is included an appendix or addition

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  • textual matter which included into a publication; often at the end
  • something becoming included; an appendix or addition.

addendum meaning in Urban Dictionary

something which is added or later is added, e.g. a supplement to a book.

addendum meaning in Legal Dictionary

n. an addition to a completed written document. Mostly that is a proposed modification or explanation (such as for example a summary of products is included) in a contract, or some point that's been the subject of settlement following the agreement was initially recommended by one-party. Real home sales agreements usually have addenda (plural of addendum) given that customer and vendor negotiate good things (how payments will undoubtedly be made, just what appliances is going to be included, time of transfer of subject, the regards to funding because of the vendor and stuff like that). Although often they are not, addenda should-be finalized independently and attached to the initial arrangement to make certain that you will have no confusion in regards to what is included or intended. Unsigned addenda could possibly be confused with harsh drafts or unaccepted proposals or included fraudulently.

addendum meaning in Law Dictionary

document mounted on explain or change an integral part of a contract.

addendum meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1794, literally "anything included," from Latin addendum, neuter of addendus "what will be included," gerundive of addere (see incorporate (v.)). Classical plural type is addenda.

addendum meaning in Business Dictionary

Document or information attached or added to clarify, modify, or offer the information into the original document or written work. In building business, for instance, an addendum given by litigant during the putting in a bid procedure becomes part of the agreement documents whenever contract is awarded.

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addendum meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) Anything to be included; an appendix or inclusion.

Sentence Examples with the word addendum

The replacing of the sequel of Amos (q.v.) by one which presupposes a later historical background, the addendum to the prophecy against Moab (Isa.

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