What does add me whore Add-Me Whore mean?

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you on Myspace which goes around incorporating arbitrary people simply to boost their friends list. They even join teams and put up "Add Me" posts and stupid ones upload "include me personally" bulletins (why this really is stupid is mainly because if you are posting a bulletin, only your friends can easily see it, so they really've clearly currently included you). It is possible to tell if an individual is an add me whore by viewing their friends list--if their record is huge, they do not have countless stuff completed inside their profile, and most of the responses tend to be "Hey! Thank you for the incorporate," you then've got an add me personally whore. 1. are located in MySpace and several various other websites associated with want. They show up in most size and shapes...whether it's emo, punk, thug, valley woman, etc. They choose to upload many bulletins and threads saying "add me personally!" Their main purpose is to obtain as numerous friends as you can. It is impossible to not see some of such men and women on MySpace becuase they run therefore rampant.