What does adaptation mean?

adaptation meaning in General Dictionary

The work or procedure for adapting or fitting or perhaps the state to be adapted or fitted physical fitness

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  • the entire process of adjusting to anything (eg environmental conditions)
  • a written work (as a novel) that has been recast in a unique type
  • (physiology) the responsive modification of a sense organ (given that eye) to varying conditions (since light)
  • The work or procedure for adapting, or fitted; or the condition of being adjusted or fitted; physical fitness.
  • The result of adapting; an adapted type.

adaptation meaning in Urban Dictionary

customization of an organism or its components that makes it more fit for existence under the circumstances of its environment

adaptation meaning in Law Dictionary

Changing a work making it satisfy a certain need. Or altering a notion to really make it work for a predicament.

adaptation meaning in Etymology Dictionary

c.1600, "action of adapting," from French adaptation, from later Latin adaptationem (nominative adaptatio), noun of action from past participle stem of adaptare (see adapt). Meaning "problem to be adjusted" is from 1670s. Sense of "modification of anything to accommodate new problems" is from 1790. Biological good sense very first recorded 1859 in Darwin's writings.

adaptation meaning in Veterinary Dictionary

Term regularly relate to those activities or procedures that an animal would go to make changes required for it to endure with its current environment, whether briefly or elsewhere.

adaptation meaning in Business Dictionary

1. Edited or revised form of a-work targeted at providing a specific need. 2. Modification of a thought or object making it applicable in situations not the same as originally predicted.

adaptation - German to English

Adaptation. [Spike Jonze]

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  • version
  • adaption

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adaptation meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) The work or process of adapting, or fitting; or even the condition to be adapted or fitted; physical fitness.

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  • (n.) Caused by adapting; an adapted form.

Sentence Examples with the word adaptation

He edited the earlier volumes of a Bibelwerk (19 vols., 1749-70) which was designed as an adaptation for German readers of the exegetical works of Andrew Willet, Henry Ainsworth, Symon Patrick, Matthew Poole, Matthew Henry and others.

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