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Washington, DC neighborhood that becomes a French Quarter-type hellhole throughout the weekend. After three it is possible to take pleasure in the sounds of authorities begging visitors to kindly go back home watching the drunk assholes stumble over the bridge to your metro. Women would be sobbing on the cell phones, with one heel damaged and men should be reminiscing towards evening's yelling suits. A nearby in DC where John Dabney keeps it real, in which we freestyle on 18th with the McDonalds beat in back ground and in which folks from other hoods visited consume our overrated Jumbo cuts. Where we represent east north and west africa playing Reggae at Bukom after consuming our chicken shoarma at Khartoum. While walking down 18th you can view the washington monument proudly erect within the horizon, showing we are able to keep writing even in front side of the whole town. You can easily play some baseball or playing tennis, tune in to stay groups at madams organ ( yes, the 26th most readily useful club in the us. Enabling all of them become rude and inquire entrance free ). The Moishe house is where the jews toss functions, and on ontario and euclid GW law school students get their no-cost alcohol.Shots occasionaly ring on euclid so that you make sure to pack some heat.