What does adam and fatima mean?

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Adam and Fatima are certain to get married if Adam previously fulfills a woman this is certainly a FatimaAdam:a goofy, funny,crazy, outbound, enjoying person!a man using this name is amazing. he is adorable and incredibly caring individual. he'll often be here available. they can make you laugh no real matter what whether or not your getting the worst time ever. some people may call him weird or odd, but if he wasn't all of those things then he won't function as the amazing adam he's today. he is an amazing individual, honest, and a wonderful friend.Fatima: a woman who's neither high nor short, little or big, but dropping at the center. She has a sweet aura about this lady - a woman that is apparently quiet and intelligent, but gets to be more talkative as you become familiar with the girl. The friendliest and nicest individual you are going to ever before meet, she's no "haters" that may get a hold of grounds to dislike her.She never ever eludes to sadness, and her personal goal will be place a grin in your face.You might believe you realize essentially exactly about her, but believe me, she is got depth that you do not even comprehend is there.She's the girl that you'd would you like to spend the rest in your life with.