What does adage mean?

adage meaning in General Dictionary

a classic stating which has obtained credit by long usage a proverb

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  • a condensed but memorable saying embodying some essential fact of experience that's taken as true by many people men and women
  • a classic stating, which has gotten credit by lengthy use; a proverb.

adage meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"brief, familiar proverb," 1540s, Middle French adage, from Latin adagium "adage, proverb," obviously from adagio, from ad- "to" (see ad-) + *agi-, root of aio "I state," from PIE *ag- "to talk." But Tucker believes the 2nd element is rather ago "set in place, drive, urge."

adage meaning in Sports Dictionary

Slow, controlled motion. (recreation: Rhythmic Gymnastics)

adage meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) An old saying, which includes acquired credit by lengthy use; a proverb.

Sentence Examples with the word adage

It simply proved the adage there was one born every minute, especially when it came to Internet shoppers.

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