What does ad valorem mean?

ad valorem meaning in General Dictionary

A term accustomed denote a duty or charge laid upon products at a specific rate % upon their particular worth as stated inside their invoice versus a specific sum upon certain quantity or number as an ad valorem duty of twenty per cent

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  • in proportion on expected worth of the goods taxed
  • A term regularly denote a duty or fee laid upon goods, at a certain price % upon their particular worth, as stated within their invoice, -- against a particular sum upon a given quantity or number; as, an advertisement valorem duty of twenty %.

ad valorem meaning in Legal Dictionary

adj. Latin for "based on price," which applies to property fees according to a share associated with county's assessment of this home's value. The examined price could be the standard foundation for regional genuine residential property taxes, however some spot "hats" (maximums) on portion of price (as under Proposition 13 in Ca) or "parcel taxes" which establish a set price per parcel.

ad valorem meaning in Law Dictionary

ccording to value. Duties are generally advertisement valorem or certain; the previous if the responsibility is set in the form of a share in the worth of the property ; the latter in which it really is imposed as a set sum on each article of a course without regard to its worth. The expression advertising valorem tax is as well defined and fixed as just about any used in governmental economy or legislation, and simply means a tax or duty upon the worthiness regarding the article or thing subject to taxation. Bailey v. Fuqua, 24 Skip. 501; Piugree v. auditor-general, 120 Mich. 95, 78 N. W. 1025, 44 L. It. A. 079.

ad valorem meaning in Etymology Dictionary

type of customs responsibilities, 1711, contemporary Latin, "(compared) on price," from advertisement "to" (see ad-) + Late Latin valorem, accusative of valor "value" (see price (n.)).

ad valorem meaning in Business Dictionary

means for recharging a duty, fee, or taxation in accordance with the worth of goods and services, as opposed to by a set rate, or by body weight or volume. Latin for, [according] into worth.

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advertisement valorem

ad valorem meaning in General Dictionary

A term used to denote a duty or charge set upon items, at a specific price per cent upon their price, as mentioned within their charge, -- against a specific sum upon confirmed quantity or number; because, an ad valorem task of twenty percent.

Sentence Examples with the word ad valorem

The state revenue is derived from a general property tax, a poll tax, an income tax, a tax on transfers of realty, an ad valorem tax on the average capital invested by merchants in their business, a privilege tax on merchants and many other occupations and businesses; a tax on litigation, levied on the unsuccessful party, a collateral inheritance tax, and fines and forfeitures.

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