What does ad litem mean?

ad litem meaning in Legal Dictionary

adj. appropriate Latin meaning "for functions associated with appropriate activity only." Most frequently the expression applies to a parent whom files a lawsuit for their small youngster as "guardian at litem" (guardian just for the purposes for the suit) and for an individual who is incompetent. Either at that time the lawsuit is recorded or briefly after that, the parent petitions the courtroom allowing him/her becoming guardian advertising litem, that will be brought ex parte (without a noticed hearing) and is typically given. An individual acting advertising litem has the duty to follow the lawsuit and to account fully for the funds restored for damages. If a kid this kind of case achieves vast majority (18 in many states) while the suit is pending, the ad litem guardianship terminates together with "new" adult can run his/her own suit. Some process of law need an order terminating the guardianship advertisement litem upon proof coming old.

ad litem meaning in Law Dictionary

For the fit; for the purposes regarding the suit; pending the suit. A guardian ad litem is a guardian appointed to prosecute or defend a suit on the behalf of a celebration incapacitated by infancy or elsewhere.