What does ad hoc mean?

ad hoc meaning in Legal Dictionary

adj. Latin shorthand definition "for this purpose only." Hence, an ad hoc committee is made for a certain purpose, typically appointed to resolve a specific issue. An ad hoc attorney is certainly one hired to manage one problem only and frequently is a specialist in a specific location or considered specifically in a position to argue an important facet.

ad hoc meaning in Law Dictionary

because of this; for this special purpose. An attorney random, or a guardian or curator ad hoc, is certainly one appointed for a special function, typically to express the client or baby into the certain action when the visit is created. Sallier v. Rosteet. 108 Los Angeles. 37S, 32 South. 3S3; Bienvenu v. Insurance Co., 33 Los Angeles. Ann. 212.

ad hoc meaning in Etymology Dictionary

Latin, virtually "because of this (particular function)."

ad hoc meaning in Business Dictionary

Action taken for a specific explanation or perhaps in a unique situation, such as for example an ad hoc committee formed to think about a certain, immediate matter. Latin for, for this specific purpose.

ad hoc meaning in General Dictionary

for or focused on one certain purpose

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  • often improvised or impromptu
  • for one particular instance

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ad hoc meaning in Philosophy Dictionary

A dubious presumption or debate arbitrarily introduced as explanation following the fact.

Sentence Examples with the word ad hoc

The two courts would have separate spheres of activity, and litigants would practically have the option of submitting their differences to a judicial court which would regard itself as being bound by the letter of the law and by judicial methods or to a special court created ad hoc with a purely arbitrative character.

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