What does actuality mean?

actuality meaning in General Dictionary

The state to be real reality since the reality of Gods nature

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  • the state of in fact current objectively
  • The state to be real; reality; as, the reality of God's nature.

actuality meaning in Etymology Dictionary

late 14c., "power, efficacy," from Old French actualite and directly from Medieval Latin actualitatem (nominative actualitas), from belated Latin actualis (see real). A Latin loan-translation of Greek energeia. Indicating "state of being genuine" is from 1670s (actualities "existing conditions" is starting 1660s). Mod. using reality in feeling of realism, experience of the modern, is a result of Fr. actualit

actuality meaning in Philosophy Dictionary

In Husserl: 1. (Ger. Wirklichkeit) Effective individual presence in space and time, as compared with simple possibility. 2. (Ger. Aktualität) The character of a conscious procedure as lived in by the ego, as compared with all the "inactuality" of mindful processes more or less far from the pride. To express the pride life in a certain aware procedure would be to say the ego is busied because of the object intended for the reason that procedure. Going to is a unique kind of being busied. -- D.C.

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  • The mode of being for which things influence or are impacted. The realm of fact; the field of happenings. Syn. with existence, sometimes with truth. Opposite of: chance or potentiality. See Energeia. -- J.K.F.

actuality meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) Hawaii of being actual; truth; as, the reality of Jesus's nature.

Sentence Examples with the word actuality

An effect cannot contain more than its cause, nor the idea of a perfect Being find adequate source save in the actuality of such a Being.

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