What does actual holy crap mean?

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an unusual toilet event that attracts crowds of people from all corners of the home and possibly the complete neighbourhood but keeps cisterns and pumps sedentary for days.An 'actual holy crap' features a golden glow. Whenever a person gazes upon it really is beauty a choir of angels begin to sing. Nevertheless just what truly seperates this piece of poo from others is actually miraculous.An 'actual holy crap' unlike it is relative the floater which only floats from the liquid apparently walks throughout the water. In reality it practically skips!An 'actual holy crap' doesn't have any governmental will but does have strong viewpoints on global issues.An 'actual holy crap' may feign being camera shy but boffins are finding they crave attention.Sadly 'actual holy craps' have a quick lifespan because of the abhorrent smell and suicidal tendencies.