What does actual damages mean?

actual damages meaning in Law Dictionary

tend to be real, substantial and merely problems, and/or quantity granted to a complainant in compensation for his actual and genuine loss or injury, as opposed on the one-hand to “nominal” problems, as well as on one other to “exemplary” or “punitive” problems. Ross v. Leggett, 61 Mich. 445, 28 N. W. 695. 1 Am. St Rep. 608: Lord v. Wood, 120 Iowa, 303, 94 N. W. 842; west Union Tel. Co. v. Lawson, 66 Kan.. 600, 72 Pac. 2S3; Field v. Monster. 11 Tex. Civ. App. 341, 32 S. W. 417; Oliver v. Columbia, etc., R. Co., 05 S. C. 1, 43 S. E. 307; Gatzow v. Buening, 106 Wis. 1. 81 N. W. 1003, 49 L. R. A. 475, 80 Am. St. Rep. 1 ; Osborn v. Leach, 135 X. C. 02S 47 S. E. 811, 66 L. R. A. 648; Gen. St. Minn. 1S94.

actual damages meaning in Business Dictionary

Injury or losings suffered as a result of an act, or a failure to do something, as well as for that your aggrieved celebration has actually a right to settlement.

actual damages meaning in General Dictionary

(legislation) compensation for losings that will readily be demonstrated to have taken place as well as that the injured party has the straight to be paid