What does actress mean?

actress meaning in General Dictionary

a lady star or doer

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  • women star
  • a lady actor or doer.
  • A female stageplayer; a female who functions a component.

actress meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1580s, "female who does some thing;" see actor + -ess; phase good sense is from 1700. Often French actrice had been used.

actress meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) A female star or doer.

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  • (letter.) A female stageplayer; a lady just who functions a part.

Sentence Examples with the word actress

In August 1811 Korner went to Vienna, where he devoted himself entirely to literary pursuits; he became engaged to the actress Antonie Adamberger, and, after the success of several plays produced in 1812, he was appointed poet to the Hofburgtheater.

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