What does activity analysis mean?

activity analysis meaning in Law Dictionary

Evaluating and pinpointing a task and its operatinal influence. It informs something being done, folks needed, time, sources, data, while the price exerted in the organization.Refer to task analysis, overall performance evaluation, and task analysis.

activity analysis meaning in Business Dictionary

recognition and information of activities in a business, and analysis of these affect its businesses. Activity evaluation determines (1) just what activities tend to be executed, (2) what number of people perform the actions, (3) how much time they invest in them, (4) simply how much and which sources are consumed, (5) exactly what functional data best reflects the overall performance of tasks, and (6) of what worth the activities are towards the business. This evaluation is achieved through direct observance, interviews, surveys, and post on the work records. See in addition task analysis, overall performance analysis and task evaluation.