What does activism mean?

activism meaning in General Dictionary

an insurance plan of using direct and militant action to accomplish a political or personal objective

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  • a policy of using direct action to produce a political or personal objective

activism meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1920 into the governmental feeling; see activist + -ism. Earlier on (1907) it had been used in mention of the a philosophical principle.

activism meaning in Philosophy Dictionary

(Lat. activus, from agere, to do something) The philosophical concept which views task, specifically spiritual activity, is the essence of reality. The thought of pure act (actus purus) traceable to Aristotle's conception of divinity, ended up being important in Scholastic thought, and persists m Leibniz, Fichte and contemporary idealism. -- L.W. Negatively, a repudiation regarding the intellectualistic persuasion that an adequate answer regarding the truth problem are available through an abstract intellectual query. Definitely, a view of action since the secret to truth, like Fichte's view. The actual and sound standard of action is a completely independent religious life, independent in bringing the entire world .and life in accord using its values. Religious life develops by the energetic aid of peoples cooperation to previously greater measurements. Spiritual being is attained by the important deeds of individuals. (Eucken) -- H.H. Inside Personalistic good sense activism applies not only to the continuous creative willing which underlies all reality additionally to knowledge which requires an unceasing divine activity which will be a kind of occasionalism. (Malebranche: Recherche de los angeles verite, Book we,, Chap. XIV.) Charles Secretan: "become is to work." -- R.T.F.