What does actionable mean?

actionable meaning in General Dictionary

that could be the topic of an action or fit at law as to call a person a thief is actionable

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  • affording grounds for appropriate action
  • That may be the subject of an action or fit at law; as, to call a person a thief is actionable.

actionable meaning in Urban Dictionary

a thing that can be carried out

actionable meaning in Legal Dictionary

adj. whenever adequate realities or situations occur to generally meet the legal requirements to file a legitimate lawsuit. In the event that realities expected to show a case cannot be alleged within the complaint, the truth is certainly not "actionable" plus the client and his/her lawyer cannot lodge a suit. Definitely, whether many situations are actionable is a matter of view and interpretation of this facts and/or law, causing numerous lawsuits that clog the courts. Incidentally, if an incident is recorded which will be demonstrably maybe not actionable, it could end in case contrary to the filer of the original match for destructive prosecution because of the defendant after he/she has actually claimed the original fit.

actionable meaning in Law Dictionary

That which is why an action will lie; furnishing legal surface for an action.

actionable meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1590s; from action + -able.

actionable meaning in Business Dictionary

Case or circumstance offering adequate grounds for starting a court action (litigation).

actionable meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) Which may be the topic of an action or fit at legislation; as, to call a guy a thief is actionable.

Sentence Examples with the word actionable

Such an admission implies a promise to pay when requested and creates an actionable liability ex contractu.

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