What does actinia mean?

actinia meaning in General Dictionary

An animal of class Anthozoa and family Actinidaelig From a resemblance to flowers in form and color they are usually known as animal blossoms and ocean anemones See Polyp

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  • a genus of sea anemone typical in rock swimming pools
  • any sea anemone or related pet
  • An animal of the course Anthozoa, and family members Actinidae. From a similarity to blossoms in type and color, they usually are called pet flowers and water anemones. [See Polyp.].
  • A genus in family Actinidae.

actinia meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) A genus inside family members Actinidae.

Sentence Examples with the word actinia

In the common sea-anemone, Actinia equina (which has already been quoted as a type of Anthozoan structure), the mesenteries are numerous and are arranged in cycles.

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