What does act of God mean?

act of God meaning in Legal Dictionary

n. an all natural catastrophe which no-one can avoid including an earthquake, a tidal trend, a volcanic eruption, a hurricane or a tornado. Acts of Jesus tend to be significant for 2 factors 1) for the havoc and harm they wreak, and 2) because frequently agreements suggest that "acts of Jesus" are a justification for wait or failure to fulfill dedication or to complete a construction project. Numerous insurance plans exempt protection for harm caused by acts of Jesus, that will be once an insurance coverage company gets religion. In certain cases disputes arise concerning whether a violent violent storm or other catastrophe ended up being an act of God (and as a consequence exempt from a claim) or a foreseeable all-natural event. Jesus understands the solution!

act of God meaning in Finance Dictionary

An unpreventable and unpredictable event which may cause reduction or problems for buildings, land, vehicles etc.

act of God meaning in Law Dictionary

normal event that causes loss. No personal force is employed while the event can't be controled. They have been guaranteed activities. AKA work of nature. Reference force majeure.

act of God meaning in Business Dictionary

certain, unstable, and unreasonably severe event due to natural causes without having any human being disturbance, and over which an insured party doesn't have control, including an earthquake, flood, hurricane, lightning, snowstorm. Acts of Jesus tend to be insurable accidents and good excuses for non-performance of a contract. Also known as work of nature. See in addition force majeure.

act of God meaning in General Dictionary

a normal and inevitable disaster that interrupts the expected length of occasions

act of God meaning in Insurance Dictionary

a major accident or event resulting from normal reasons, without man input or agency, and another which could not have been avoided by reasonable foresight or care—for instance, floods, lightning, quake, or storms. This might be a peril terminology within sea and inland marine policies.