What does act like a duck mean?

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never to let things reach you, and invite yourself not to ever be bothered or aggravated by activities or even the current circumstance maybe you are in or by what other do to control you into bitterness. Whenever everything is building up. in other words. The old saying with regards to rains it pours generally seems to seem sensible in explaining life on occasion and acting like a duck is much better, because ducks cannot run and cover with regards to rains, they just do not you will need to cover themselves up-and prevent it, they do not strike the rain or take to fighting it off they merely endure it with pleasure and self-esteem want it wasn't even here actually they appear to enjoy it although it continues, and especially don't appear to be bothered because of the rainfall. Hence acting like a duck or even become a duck surpasses retaliating and making the situation even worse or make everybody believe its more straightforward to strike and combat rather than be dignified and work it.