What does acquit mean?

acquit meaning in General Dictionary

To discharge as a claim or financial obligation to clear off to pay back to requite

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  • Acquitted set no-cost gone
  • pronounce simple of unlawful fees
  • behave in a certain way
  • Acquitted; set no-cost; rid of.
  • To discharge, as a claim or debt; to clear off; to pay for down; to requite.
  • To pay for; to atone for.
  • To set free, launch or release from an obligation, duty, liability, burden, or from an accusation or fee; -- today followed closely by of ahead of the cost, formerly by from; because, the jury acquitted the prisoner; we acquit a person of bad intentions.
  • To clear an individual's self.
  • To bear or carry out your self; to do one's component; because, the soldier acquitted himself well in battle; the orator acquitted himself really poorly.

acquit meaning in Legal Dictionary

v. what a jury or judge sitting without a jury does at the end of a criminal trial if the jury or judge discovers the accused defendant not liable.

acquit meaning in Dream Dictionary

To dream which you are acquitted from a criminal activity in a courtroom, shows that you have got discovered a life long training.  Anything took place for your requirements in your lifetime your unconscious thoughts are letting you know your very lucky therefore got off the hook. Acrobats - in the event that you dream of acrobats show your flexibility and your stability in life.  If you're an acrobat and you also fall shows that you will need more practice in order to advance. If you are sexually energetic its typical to imagine acrobats.  You might be searching for brand-new jobs and need a far more vibrant sexy life. Address - whenever we dream of an address declare that you'll want to

acquit meaning in Law Dictionary

When someone accused of a crime is legitimately freed by a court usually as a result of decreased evidence. This decision cannot usually be appealed unless in a special circumstance. Relate to exculpate adn exonerate

acquit meaning in Etymology Dictionary

very early 13c., "to fulfill a debt" (either for oneself or with respect to another), from Old French aquiter "pay, pay up, settle a claim" (12c.), from a "to" (see ad-) + rather "free, obvious" (see quit (adj.)). Meanings "put free of fees" and "to discharge one's responsibility" both recorded from belated 14c. Related: Acquitted; acquitting.

acquit meaning in Business Dictionary

To officially and legally set no-cost an individual charged with a crime, by a court's finding (wisdom) of simple, frequently for decreased proof. There is certainly typically no attraction against an acquittal, except in certain jurisdictions in which it can be challenged in certain conditions. See also exculpate and exonerate.

acquit meaning in General Dictionary

(p. p.) Acquitted; set free; eliminate.

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  • (v. t.) To discharge, as a claim or debt; to clear off; to settle; to requite.
  • (v. t.) To pay for; to atone for.
  • (v. t.) To set no-cost, release or release from an obligation, task, responsibility, burden, or from an accusation or cost; -- now followed by of before the charge, previously by from; as, the jury acquitted the prisoner; we acquit a guy of evil motives.
  • (v. t.) To obvious your self.
  • (v. t.) To keep or perform an individual's self; to perform a person's part; since, the soldier acquitted himself well in struggle; the orator acquitted himself extremely defectively.

Sentence Examples with the word acquit

And, though we may acquit Roscellinus of consciously propounding a theory so subversive of all knowledge, his criticism of the doctrine of the Trinity is proof at least of the determination with which he was prepared to carry out his individualism.

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