What does acquisitive mean?

acquisitive meaning in General Dictionary


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  • wanting to obtain and possess things specially material possessions or some ideas
  • obtained.
  • Able or disposed to help make purchases; obtaining; as, an acquisitive individual or disposition.

acquisitive meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1630s, "owned through acquisition," from Latin acquisit-, past participle stem of acquirere (see acquisition) + -ive. Indicating "given to acquisition, avaricious" is from 1826 (suggested in acquisitiveness). Associated: Acquisitively (1590s).

acquisitive meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) obtained.

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  • (a.) Able or disposed to make acquisitions; getting; as, an acquisitive individual or personality.

Sentence Examples with the word acquisitive

On returning to the Ukraine he settled down quietly on his paternal estate, and in all probability history would never have known his name if the intolerable persecution of a neighbouring Polish squire, who stole his hayricks and flogged his infant son to death, had not converted the thrifty and acquisitive Cossack husbandman into one of the most striking and sinister figures of modern times.

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