What does acquirer mean?

acquirer meaning in General Dictionary

somebody who acquires

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  • a person who acquires some thing (usually completely)
  • a corporation gaining financial control of another corporation or financial institution through a repayment in cash or an exchange of stock
  • the lending company that dispenses profit automated teller machines and accumulates a fee through the lender that issued the bank card
  • a credit card processing lender; merchants get credit for bank card receipts less a processing cost
  • an individual who acquires.

acquirer meaning in Law Dictionary

The party gainig control of a property. Refer to acquisition.

acquirer meaning in Business Dictionary

one or company just who gains ownership or ownership of property, a small business interest or any other item. See also purchase.

acquirer meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) An individual who acquires.

Sentence Examples with the word acquirer

The main result of this was that, when a baron parted with any one of his estates, the acquirer became a tenant -in-chief directly dependent on the king, instead of being left a vassal of the person who had passed over the land to him.

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