What does acoustics mean?

acoustics meaning in General Dictionary

The research of noises training their particular nature phenomena and laws

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  • the analysis of this real properties of noise
  • The science of sounds, training their particular nature, phenomena, and regulations.

acoustics meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1680s, "science of sound," from acoustic (also see -ics). Indicating "acoustic properties" of a building, etc., attested from 1885.

acoustics meaning in Business Dictionary

1. Research of manufacturing and transmission of sound waves. 2. Sound-reflecting faculties of an enclosed room.

acoustics meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) The research of sounds, teaching their nature, phenomena, and regulations.

Sentence Examples with the word acoustics

In acoustics we meet with the case where a body is urged towards a fixed point by a force varying as the distance, and is also acted upon by an extraneous or disturbing force which is a given function of the time.

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