What does acknowledgement mean?

acknowledgement meaning in Law Dictionary

saying that one thing does work or factual. When a buyer agrees to fund their particular buy. A message that verifies a communication ended up being recieved. An oath carried out in public. Guaranteeing a shipment is covered under insurance. AKA confirmation.

acknowledgement meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1590s, "act of acknowledging," from acknowledge + -ment. "an early on instance of -ment added to an orig. Eng. vb." [OED]. Meaning "token of due recognition" is recorded from 1610s.

acknowledgement meaning in Business Dictionary

1. General: Statement declaring something to be factual or true (or guaranteeing one thing become genuine) and certified by a competent authority. Also known as confirmation. 2. Commerce: Written (or electric) interaction towards the customer your seller has actually accepted the buyer's buy order. This acknowledgement produces a binding agreement on both functions. 3. Processing: Message (particularly one utilized in 'handshaking' procedure between two modems) that suggests the standing of communications gotten. Commonly written as ACK. 4. Legislation: (1) Formal statement made under oath, or in the current presence of a notary public or any other competent authority. (2) Avowal of debt after which the right of activity to recuperate financial obligation accrues towards debtor (and never before). 5. Marine insurance coverage: Document granted to confirm that a particular shipment is covered under an insurance policy.

acknowledgement meaning in General Dictionary

the state or quality of becoming recognized or acknowledged

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  • a statement acknowledging one thing or somebody

Sentence Examples with the word acknowledgement

She inhaled deeply and waited for some response or acknowledgement from Jackson.

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