What does acidic mean?

acidic meaning in General Dictionary

Containing a high portion of silica opposed to basic

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  • becoming bad on taste
  • being or containing an acid; of an answer having an excessive amount of hydrogen atoms (having a pH of not as much as 7)
  • Containing a higher portion of silica; -- in opposition to fundamental.

acidic meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1877, initially in geology; see acid (n.) + -ic.

acidic meaning in Cooking Dictionary

pH of not as much as 7. acidic ingredients react with basics to make salts and water. They've a sour taste. A chemical element that yields hydrogen ions whenever in option.

acidic meaning in Business Dictionary

Including enough acid to have a pH below 7.0.

acidic meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) Containing a top percentage of silica; -- against basic.

Sentence Examples with the word acidic

Again, acidic humus does not form in calcareous soils; and hence one does not expect to find plants characteristic of acidic peat or humus on calcareous soils.

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