What does achomawi mean?

achomawi meaning in General Dictionary

a member regarding the Achomawi community of northeastern Ca

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  • the Shastan language spoken because of the Achomawi
  • a residential district of Native Americans who speak a Hokan language and are now living in northeastern California

Sentence Examples with the word achomawi

Mpst of them have been collected under five government schools; the Clackamas, Cow Creek, Calapooya, Lakmiut, Mary's River, Molala, Nestucca, Rogue River, Santiam, Shasta, Tumwater, Umpqua, Wapato and Yamhill, numbering 145 in 1909, under the Grande Ronde school, on the Grande Ronde reservation in Polk and Yamhill counties; the Klamath (658), Modoc (216), Paiute (103), and Pit River or Achomawi (56), under the Klamath school on the Klamath reservation (1362.8 sq.

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