What does achieve mean?

achieve meaning in General Dictionary

to continue to a final close to draw out into a perfected state to accomplish to execute regarding achieve a feat an exploit an enterprise

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  • to achieve with work
  • To carry on to one last close; to carry aside into a perfected state; to perform; to do; -- since, to accomplish a feat, a take advantage of, an enterprise.
  • to have, or gain, because of exertion; to flourish in getting; to win.
  • to complete; to destroy.

achieve meaning in Law Dictionary

The successful conclusion of jobs. Achieving higher than before to gain status.

achieve meaning in Etymology Dictionary

very early 14c., from Old French achever (12c.) "in order to complete, achieve, complete," from phrase

achieve meaning in Business Dictionary

1. To effectively full tasks, targets or tasks. This is often used to explain the work of trying to complete some thing (as in a sales individual trying to achieve a sales quota). 2. Reaching for an increased or more coveted condition than in which at first started. Including, a director of an organization may attempt to attain the CEO place.

achieve meaning in General Dictionary

(v. t.) To continue to your final close; to carry away into a perfected state; to complete; to do; -- because, to realize a feat, an exploit, an enterprise.

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  • (v. t.) To have, or gain, because of effort; to succeed in getting; to win.
  • (v. t.) In order to complete; to destroy.

Sentence Examples with the word achieve

In 1824 she gradually relented so far as to say that she would marry if he could achieve independence.

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