What does ach ach! ach Ach Ach mean?

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1) A scottish version of saying 'oh' as an alternative they state 'ach noh'2) A very life-threatening gun that is quite blunt to improve the pain sensation whenever a spleenach operation is carried outu000du000au000du000aAch! - exclaiming a place of disgust or disapointment.Originated through the highlands associated with the Gingerland, sorry, I suggested Scotland, ach!u000du000au000du000asibling homey Hebrew or Arabic word meaning siblingu000du000au000du000aScottish word for "ok"u000du000au000du000aBarack Hussein ObamaAch is the dictionary pronunciation regarding the page "H" which describes Obama similarly to just how Dubya (or W) is employed to refer to former president George Walker Bush.