What does ach mean?

ach meaning in General Dictionary

A name directed at a few species of flowers as smallage wild celery parsley

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  • Alt. of Ache

ach meaning in Etymology Dictionary

aspirated form of ah; in English usually familiar with express German or Celtic speech.

ach meaning in Cooking Dictionary

Automated clearinghouse.

ach - German to English

alackaday [archaic]

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  • alack [archaic]
  • lackaday [archaic]
  • welladay [archaic]

ach meaning in Loan Terminology Glossary

(see automatic Clearing House)

ach meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) Alt. of Ache

Sentence Examples with the word ach

As a matter of fact, Grimaux, in 1881, showed codeine to be a methylmorphine, and in 1903 Ach and L.

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