What does accursed mean?

accursed meaning in General Dictionary

Doomed to destruction or distress cursed for this reason bad enough to be beneath the curse execrable detestable exceedingly hateful as an accursed deed

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  • under a curse
  • Alt. of Accurst

accursed meaning in Etymology Dictionary

in addition accurst, early 13c., acursede "lying under a curse," past participle adjective from outdated verb acursen "pronounce a curse upon, excommunicate" (belated 12c.), from a- intensive prefix + cursein (see curse (v.)). The additional -c- is 15c., mistaken Latinism. Weakened feeling of "worthy of a curse" is from 1590s. Related: Accursedly; accursedness.

accursed meaning in General Dictionary

(p. p. & a.) Alt. of Accurst

Sentence Examples with the word accursed

I know, too, that ever since he lost his leg last voyage by that accursed whale, he's been a kind of moody--desperate moody, and savage sometimes; but that will all pass off.

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